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Oral Hygiene Products

PURASIL product line offers a range of dental silicas

Our Hydrated Dental Silicas offer a range of abrasivity and cleaning. They can be applied as thickening and polishing agents in opaque and transparent toothpastes.


​PCL's standard and medium cleaning silicas (PURASIL® 100L and PURASIL® 200M) are typically used at a 10 to 30 percent loading level and provide the toothpaste formulation its cleaning properties.

Toothpaste formulated with PURASIL® silicas have typical RDA values (Hefferen method) well below the American Dental Association (ADA) established maximum RDA level of 250.

Cleaning and Abrasive Silicas

PCL's range of performance silica cleaning products are considered safe and effective in all dentifrice applications.

PCL offers PURASIL® 200M cleaning silica with outstanding cleaning/whitening. This product is ideal to meet the growing global demand for whitening dentifrice applications.

PCL's high cleaning silica PURASIL® 300H can be used to boost the cleaning of PURASIL® 100L. In this case, the use level of the high cleaning silica is typically 1 to 10 percent.

By replacing a small amount of standard cleaning silica with PURASIL® 300H, a standard formula can be upgraded to a high performing whitening product without a complete reformulation. PURASIL® 300H high cleaning silica can also be used as the primary cleaning silica at five to 20 percent loading levels to deliver the highest level of cleaning performance.

Purasil 100L

This silica combines soft polishing with little thickening in liquids. It is therefore an excellent ingredient for opaque, transparent and liquid toothpastes of moderate abrasivity. Recommended for sensitive teeth and kids toothpaste formulations.

RDA value: 80

Purasil 200M

Medium abrasive silica with good cleaning efficacy at levels from 10-20%, ideal for high clarity clear / transparent gels.  Ideal for regular toothpastes.

RDA value: 111

Purasil 300H

High abrasive silica specially suited for high transparent  clear gels with very good cleaning efficacy. It can also be used in standard good quality opaque products. Recommended loading : 8-10%.

RDA value: 120

Purasil 200 (Thickening Silica)

Efficient thickener offering  good viscosity build in toothpaste with excellent optical properties to give clear gels.  This is the leading thickener used widely in standard and high quality products. 
Recommended loading : 5-12%.

Our team explains how our products act as a performance additive for the adhesive and coatings industry.
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