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Paints & Coatings

Our products are effective thixotropres that can be used to thicken and act as matting agents for a range of coatings.

Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care

We offer solutions for applications ranging from medicinal tablets to cosmetics, skin and beauty care.


Our products Improve abrasion and tear resistance, act as reinforcing agents and provice higher tensile strength

Agriculture & Crop Protection

Our performance silicas offer superior crop protection, moisture absorption and act as carriers for suspensions.


We deliver high-performance solutions that can increase tread durability, reduce rolling resistance and improve wet traction.

Industrial Rubber Products

Our solutions enable performance requirements ranging from common strength properties to fluid resistance, conductivity, resistivity and more.

Grease Applications

Our products are effective thixotropres that can be used to thicken a range of base oils.

Oral Hygiene Products

Our performance silicas offer a range of abrasivity and cleaning. They can be applied as thickening and polishing agents.

Oral Hygiene

Explore the solutions we offer

PURASIL PS 200 improves rolling resistance and wet traction in tires. Our range of silicas offer high dispersibiity and high surface area resulting in an excellent reinforcement potential.

Improve rolling resistance


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