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Our History

While PCL has been in existence for over two decades, our origins date back three generations. Our history is an intricate mix of acquisitions and divestment's spanning the last 70 years.




The Sind tannery, the earliest origin of the group was setup in Hyderabad, Sind before the partition of the subcontinent.


Maqsood Elahi, takes charge the group as CEO. Pak Chrome is founded as a second tannery in Karachi for sourcing hides and chemicals.


The tannery expanded to house its own shoe factory and rubber plant. Two textile mills are acquired to diversify the business.


Sind Tannery closes its doors for the last time. Pak Chrome is expanded to house a shoe unit and supply PT shoes and Army boots to the Pakistan Army.


Sind tannery becomes the largest tannery in Pakistan supplying over 8.6M shoes to the Pak Army in the war of 1965 with India.


Pak Apparel garment factory is setup for leather apparel and jackets export to European countries.


Pak Chromical Limited (PCL) is founded to manufacture Sodium Bi-chromate from chrome ore, an essential chemical in leather processing.


PCL becomes the leader in the bulk detergent market in Pakistan.


Due to duty and tariff structures in the country the project becomes nonviable. PCL decides to manufacture detergents and other household products.


Between 2013 and 2018, In partnership with Chemdyes and Clariant, PCL processes zeolites and dyes at its facility outside Karachi on a toll manufacturing basis.


PCL invests in research and development of a new detergent based filler "Base Powder". This new filler, a sodium silicate derivative is sold in bulk packaging.


PCL setups up a new unit to manufacture Purasil. A performance silica used in a wide array of industries locally and across the globe.

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