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PURASIL silicas offer high absorptive capacity

PURASIL Hydrophobic Silica offers high absorptive capacity, structural stability and acts as a tabletting aid.


Our Performance Silica PURASIL® 200P (Pharma) helps to make pharmaceutical manufacturing process more efficient. PURASIL® 200P is a high purity, amorphous, anhydrous, hydrophobic silica for use as an excipient in pharmaceutical products. Due to its unique morphology, large surface area and high absorptive capacity the product can be applied to a wide variety of applications.

  • Glidant

  • Tabletting Aid

  • Carrier for Active Ingredients

  • Thickening, Gelation and Suspension

  • Moisture Scavenger


PURASIL® 200P silica as a glidant should be incorporated in your formulation at levels from 0.25 – 2.0% to achive free flowing powder that will resist sticking to the walls of your transfer system, tabletting and other equipment. Uniform powder flow is critical to achieving a consistent product dosage, whether the product is a capsule, tablet or other dosage form. The adsorptive properties of PURASIL® 200P silica, along with its ease of incorporation, make it highly effective glidant for pharmaceutical use.

Carrier for Liquids, Oils and Active Ingredients

The high porosity of PURASIL® 200P silicas enables them to absorb up to 250g of liquid per 100g of silica. Therefore, liquid ingredients can be easily turned into free flowing powders with optimum density. This is an advantage for liquisolids, solid SEDDS, oily API and powders used in oral suspension dosage forms and tablets to be developed for higher API potency.

Tabletting Aid

Good powder flow is required for the successful manufacturing of solid dosage forms. PURASIL® 200P silica incorporated in your powder during the granulation process or direct compression means uniform flow through your equipment. This can boost consistency during the tabletting process and provide improvement in the following parameters:

  • Reduced friability and improved hardness

  • Content uniformity

  • Structural stability

  • Quicker tabletting because of unique moisture adsorption

  • High resistance to capping, lamination and sticking

During the compression cycle of the tabletting process, liquid ingredients can be forced to the surface or even caused to exude from the tablet. The large internal porosity of PURASIL® 200P silica provides greater capacity for any liquid ingredients that may be included in your formulation, which can prevent the occurrence of the above problems.

Moisture Scavenger / Protector

PURASIL® 200P silica can act as an extremely efficient dehydrating agent, even at a very low moisture content. This can help to maximize product shelf life. Trace quantities of moisture can affect a formulation in many ways. It can degrade your API, it can cause reactions between your ingredients and can decrease shelf life.

  • Free flow and anti-caking agent to improve powder properties

  • Improves tablet properties such as hardness and friability

  • Used as viscosity increasing agent to thicken and thixotropize liquids

  • Dessicant for moisture-sensitive actives

  • Improves distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients

  • Used as anti-setting, thickening and anti-sagging agent

  • High purity, low humidity content

  • No influence on taste

  • Does not alter natural colour of powder formulations

The internal porosity of Purasil 200P gives it greater available surface area.

Our team explains how our products act as a performance additive for the adhesive and coatings industry.
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