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PURASIL improves rolling resistance and wet traction in tires

Our range of silicas offer high dispersibility and high surface area resulting in an excellent reinforcement potential.


The strong increase in reinforcement linked with the improvement of the abrasion resistance was the most important aspect for the introduction of carbon black in tire tread formulations. The partial substitute of the Carbon Black by Silica / Silane system in tread compound mixtures, in combination with a specific polymer blend, provides significant improvements in rolling resistance and wet traction. Hence, in comparison to Carbon Black filled tread compounds at constant abrasion resistance level, a reduced fuel consumption and improved driving safety can be achieved. 

Areas of Use

The high purity silica offered by PCL is used as reinforcing fillers for the rubber industry from tires to shoes soles. We offer multiple particle sizes to cater to our customers needs.


  •  Improves rolling resistance, wet traction and other dynamic properties

  • Gives re-enforcing properties to tires

Mechanical Rubber Goods

  • Imparts abrasion resistance

  • Improves tear resistance

  • Acts as a reinforcing agent

  • Provides higher tensile strength

  • Provides longer life and durability

Shoe Soles

  • Offers high abrasion resistance for stressed shoe soles compounds, including:

    • Running shoes​

    • Construction boots

    • Military boots


Application Areas


Improves rolling resistance, wet traction & other dynamic properties. Gives re-enforcing properties to tires

Rubber Goods

Mechanical rubber goods like cables with particular high requirements related to hardness, tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance.

Shoes Soles

Used for high abrasion resistance, e.g. running shoes, work boots etc.

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