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PURASIL provides improved tear resistance

Our Performance Silicas Improve the following characteristics when used in rubber shoes and soles:

  • Improved abrasion resistance

  • Improved tear resistance

  • Acts as a reinforcing agent

  • Provides higher tensile strength

  • Provides longer life and durability

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Precipitated silica is used in shoe soles for its resistance to wear and to tearing ,its non-scuffing characteristics and to obtain compounds with light color or even transparent materials. Provides superior durability and resilience and improved modulus.
Acts as white reinforcer facilitating manufacturing of colored end products.


We have recently introduced EVA grade for EVA footwear market. The EVA grade can be incorporated  as it imparts good abrasion & modulus properties.Because Precipitated Silica is white it allows the formulator to produce either colored or translucent non-marking soles.Precipitated Silica provides superior durability and resilience while improving compound stiffness for all types of rubber soled footwear.

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